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Siglă aplicația CoronaMelder

Why are you conducting additional research into the influence of walls, doors, and windows on CoronaMelder?

CoronaMelder uses software from Google and Apple to measure Bluetooth signals. The stronger the signal coming from another phone, the closer that phone is.

That distance is important to recognize the risk of contamination. If the users of two phones are both on opposite sides of a wall or floor, the risk of contamination is low. Ideally, CoronaMelder does not report an infection if the user of the other phone reports an infection.

Google and Apple have made a new version of their software. Before CoronaMelder started using it, an extensive test was carried out. Special attention was paid to the effect of walls and floors.

The result of the test is that walls and floors weaken the signal between two phones. As a result, these measurements are usually not seen as risky. In 87% of these cases, you will indeed not receive a notification if the user of the other phone reports an infection. Without walls, this is 73% of the cases.

The test also shows that the material of the wall or floor has an influence. For example, the effect of a stone wall or concrete floor is greater than that of a partition wall in the office.


Read the report of the April 2021 test with the results on the effect of walls and floors (Dutch)