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Siglă aplicația CoronaMelder

Does CoronaMelder also work with corona apps from other countries?

Yes, CoronaMelder exchanges codes with apps from a number of other European countries. This is done in the same way as between two users of CoronaMelder. If one of you then tests positive and reports this in the app, the other person will receive a notification.

From November 30, CoronaMelder works together with these corona notification apps:

You can meet a foreign user of a corona notification app in the Netherlands, for example if you meet a German who is traveling here. Or you can meet another traveler abroad, for example if you are traveling to Germany or if you meet a German person in Denmark. If the foreign user later turns out to have corona and decides to report this in the app, you will receive a notification from CoronaMelder. And vice versa. The cooperation with apps from other countries is therefore also useful for people who live and/or work in border areas.

CoronaMelder only works in collaboration with the Dutch GGD and with Dutch recognized tests. If you take a corona test abroad and you turn out to be infected, you cannot report this via CoronaMelder.

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