CoronaMelder is working with other countries

Since 30 November 2020, CoronaMelder exchanges codes with similar apps from several other European countries. This is done in the same way as between two users of the CoronaMelder app. If one user subsequently tests positive for coronavirus and shares this information with the app, the other user will be sent a notification.

Since 30 November, CoronaMelder exchanges codes with apps from the following countries:

Reason for this cooperation

You may encounter somebody in the Netherlands who is using an app from another country, for example somebody from Germany who is traveling here. Or you may encounter another traveller if you are abroad yourself, for example if you are traveling in Germany or if you encounter someone from Germany in Denmark.

If the app user from another country later tests positive for coronavirus and chooses to report this in the app, then you will receive a notification from CoronaMelder. And vice versa. The partnership with apps from other countries is therefore also useful for people who live and/or work in border regions.

Reporting a test result in CoronaMelder

CoronaMelder only works with the Dutch GGD and with coronavirus tests recognised in the Netherlands. If you get a coronavirus test abroad and that test is positive, you cannot report this in CoronaMelder.


The apps of the other European countries that CoronaMelder now works with have all been designed on the same privacy principles:

Data sent to the central server is stored for a maximum of 14 days, just like with CoronaMelder. Only the codes from the apps are sent to or stored on the server, and no other data.

European countries can connect to the shared server if they have a decentralised app. The app retrieves the codes of users who have tested positive and compares these with the codes on your phone.

In a centralised app, on the other hand, all the codes would be collected at a central location and compared there. You can find a list of countries with centralised and decentralised apps here.