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CoronaMelder app to be temporarily suspended from 22 April 2022 onwards

Society has opened up again. This is something we have all achieved together. Some coronavirus measures and advice still apply, but many of the measures have been discontinued. For example, you no longer need to self-isolate if you have been near someone who has tested positive for the coronavirus. And most people who test positive on a self-test will not have to go to the Municipal Health Service (GGD) for a PCR test.

This has radically reduced the need for the CoronaMelder app right now, and the app will be temporarily suspended from 22 April 2022 onwards.

As a result, the app will stop exchanging any (anonymous) data with other CoronaMelder users. In addition, data will no longer be shared with notification apps abroad.

Should a new variant of the coronavirus emerge in future and make an alert system necessary, CoronaMelder may be reactivated.

To find out more about the effect that CoronaMelder had, view the statistics.

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