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Please note: as of December 19, the Netherlands is in lockdown. There are locations that are still open. Continue to use CoronaMelder to prevent further spread of the virus.

Download the CoronaMelder app to help detect infections faster and stop the coronavirus from spreading – even if you have been vaccinated. So far, more than 269,513 people who have tested positive have used the CoronaMelder app to warn others, helping to stop the spread.

The app has proven to be effective. Read more about the CoronaMelder research findings..

Please note: if you want to generate a COVID certificate, you need to use a different app: CoronaCheck.

Why is the CoronaMelder app needed? Help stop the spread of the coronavirus

The app will warn you if you have been near someone with coronavirus. This way, you can avoid unknowingly infecting people around you. Downloading the app is voluntary.

How does it work? You will receive a notification if you have been in a higher-risk situation.

The app sends you a notification if you have been near someone who later tested positive for coronavirus, and you were around them for more than 15 minutes. But only if that person is also using the app.

How does it work? CoronaMelder uses Bluetooth, not location data or GPS.

The app detects whether you were close to someone using Bluetooth. The closer you are, the stronger the Bluetooth signal. The app does not know where you were or who you are.

Example If someone passes you on a bicycle, you will not receive a notification if that person tests positive.

The Bluetooth signal is strong enough because you are close together. But this was only for a very short time, so the risk of infection is very low.

Example Were you sitting near someone in the cinema? Then you could receive notification if that person tests positive.

You will receive a notification if the Bluetooth signal was strong enough, and you were close to each other for longer than 15 minutes.

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Video about CoronaMelder

Find out in two-minutes what Coronamelder is, what it does and what it can mean for you!

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Written out text of the video

Here it is: the CoronaMelder app. The Netherlands’ official coronavirus app. The app helps us to protect each other against coronavirus. You can pass on coronavirus to other people even before you have any symptoms. This means you can unknowingly infect many people. So it’s important to know as early as possible if there is a higher risk that you have been infected… Then you can avoid passing on the virus to other people. The CoronaMelder app helps you to do this. It works like this… If you’ve been near someone who later tests positive for coronavirus, you will receive a notification. The app does not know who you are, who the other person is, or where you came near to each other. It only tells you which day it was. The app will tell you what you can do next and whether you should get tested. If you get a test and find out that you have the coronavirus, the GGD, the Regional Public Health authority in the Netherlands, will ask you who you have been near to and then call those people. But you don’t always know everyone you’ve been near to. You can add your coronavirus status to the app together with the GGD. The CoronaMelder app will then immediately warn everyone who has been near you. Whether you know them or not. This only happens if: they are also using the app and they were near you for more than 15 minutes. This means we can warn more people more quickly. So each download of the CoronaMelder app helps to stop the spread of the virus. Downloading the app is voluntary at all times. This is how we can protect each other. We can only get coronavirus under control together. More information? Visit coronamelder.nl

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