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The CoronaMelder app has been developed by the Ministry of Public Health, Welfare and Sport in collaboration with the RIVM and the national GGD institutions. The app could not have been realised without the help of dozens of experts, experience experts and a large civilian open-source community, who has monitored the process and tested the app as it was being developed. Everything has been done to create a safe, accessible and user-friendly app that ensures your privacy. And that helps to get — and keep — the coronavirus under control.

Source code

The app’s source code and its backend systems are all publicly available. You can find all code on GitHub. This way, the precise way the app works is verifiable and controllable by many people, who can also help discover any potential vulnerabilities.


Aside from the authors of the various open source, 3rd-party libraries, we have received contributions from many others.

Application Licences, Terms & Conditions and Disclaimers

Server Licences, Terms & Conditions and Disclaimers

Reporting vulnerabilities

Any vulnerabilities can be confidentially (or anonymously) reported to the National Cyber Security Center of the Dutch Government.